USCG RAID TEAM Afghanistan

Approx. 4"

The U.S. Coast Guard deployed small RAID Teams to the Afghan conflict for many years. "Coast Guard RAID Team" is a group of small Coast Guard crews armed to the teeth wearing body armor plying the Kabul River in their 25-foot Defender Class Boats in support of Special Operations units of the SOJTF-A night raids. This class boat has a reinforced bow, full shock mitigating seating, large cabin and LED navigation lights. It will speed along at a fast rate of speed with its 450 HP engine. 

"RAID" stands for "Redeployment Assistance and Inspection Detachment".

Since 2003 over two hundred Coast Guard personnel have deployed to Afghanistan as members of these RAID Teams where they inspected cargo shipping containers to make sure the containers are serviceable and seaworthy and to ensure that all requirements and regulations are followed. These inspections helped to eliminate delays in shipping of material and equipment back to the states - an important part of the retrograde operation. The last RAID Team redeployed from Afghanistan in the spring of 2015.