TX Dallas AMAN Drug Fighters Black Panthers
Approx. 3.5" FAHIM MINKAH, FOUNDER AND FORMER member of the Dallas chapter of the Black Panther Party-one of the most violently repressed organizations in American history-walks out from his office in the community center at the Prince Hall and talks to Keeton. Minkah, now a Muslim and organizer for the Chicago-based National Black United Front (NBUF), thinks aloud about taking one of his infamous shotgun patrols over to the Calvary Arms Apartments, where the bursts are coming from, to try to run off some of the gangs. Minkah responded to the absence of adequate police protection in South Oak Cliff in May 1989 by helping set up AMAN (African Men Against Narcotics) Drug Fighters, which got noticed not for its community organizing but for controversial armed anti-drug patrols formed by its members. A-AMAN (African-American Men Against Narcotics), the Muslim parent group from which Minkah split, denounced the patrols as politically counterproductive.
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