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Although these are REPRODUCTIONS or created from a coin, I would like to own these.



OCTOBER 8, 2017


-Headquarters / Office of Intelligence / OIOH Drug busters (Screened) (Skull)

-FAST (Foreign-Deployed Advisory and Support Team) Units (Afghanistan) (Please Email Me)

-DEA Afghanistan Intelligence (Howling Wolf)


FBI: (RHS Encyclopedia Number)

-Hostage Rescue Team (Please Email Me)

-1989 McGhee-Tyson AF Base SWAT HRT School


US Customs: (RHS Encyclopedia Numbers)

-3282var Houston Air Branch HPA (TX) (Marijuana)

-3282var Miami Air Branch HPA (FL) (Marijuana)

-3282var San Angelo Air Branch HPA (TX) (Marijuana)

-3335 Blue Lighting Miami (Early Version)

-Underwater Interdiction (Rectangle) (Marijuana Leaf)


US Marshals:

-SOG Special Operations Group (Please Email Me)

-Aryan Brotherhood Trial 2006 Central District, CA

-Central CA Florencia 13 Rico Trial 2008-09 (2 Versions)

-Southern CA Operation Notorious County Trial 2013

-Direccion Nacional de Control de Drogas (DNCD) (Santo Domingo, DR)


US Border Patrol BORTAC/SOG:

-BORTAC / SOG (Please Email Me)

-BORTAC Patrol Agent (BP) (Subdued) (Merrow Edge)

-BORDER PATROL (Back & Chest Panel) (Green/White Lets)



-BIA Drug Enforcement Branch (Round) (2 Subdued Versions)

-BOP FCC Florence SORT (Tan)

-INS Operation Alliance

-WA Colville Tribal Police Drug Enforcement and Recon Team (Marijuana Leaf)


US Coast Guard (USCG): (Rex Wessling’s Numbers)

-W4466 LEDET1 (Eagle - Pitch Fork - Marijuana Leaf)

-W4513 TACLET South (Tan) Bahrain (Persian Gulf) 2007

-W4522 TACLET South (Green) Bahrain (Persian Gulf) 2006

-W4540 TACLET South 403 Dirty Deeds (Color) Bahrain (Persian Gulf) (Skull)

-W4578 TACLET LEDET 403 (Tan) Bahrain (Persian Gulf) 2007

-W4710 CGC Cherokee WMEC Little Creek Virginia (Ship & Marijuana Leaf)

-TACLET LEDET 401 (Tan) Bahrain (Persian Gulf) (Skull & M16s)


Military Drug Enforcement Units:

-ANG AZ War On Drugs Marijuana Strike Force (Silk-Screened)

-ANG AK RAID (Razorback)

-ANG AR Marijuana Eradication Surveillance Squad “Root Drugs Out of AR” (Green Merrow) (Wild Boar)

-ANG FL CD AVN (Reaper & Marijuana Leaf)

-ANG HI RAID (Subdued)

-ANG LA Army NG RAID (Fleur-de-lis) (Green)    

-ANG MDNG & MSP: Op Weedout MERT (Octagon) (Marijuana leaf)

-ANG MD A Co. 1-224TH S&S “Guardians” (Eagle & MD Flag)

-ANG NC Police Cannabis Eradication (Marijuana Leaf)

-ANG North Dakota RAID (Owl)

-ANG NY DET 1A 1-224TH S&S (Secret Squirrel)

-ANG Oklahoma RAID (Owl)

-ANG Oregon RAID (Owl)

-ANG TX Governor's Task Force DPS (Black/Gray) (Marijuana Leaf & State Outline) (Lg. & Sm.)

-CNTT Counter Narcotics Training Team Afghanistan (Eagle w/ US & Afghan Flags) (Red) 

-USAF 388TH SPS “Head Hunter Buck K9” (Marijuana Leaf & Syringe)             

-USAF SPS “Head Hunters” (K9, Skull, Pills, Marijuana Leaf & Syringe)           

-USN HSL-45 DET 2 USS Vincennes $49 Million Snow Storm “If You Want It, Swim For It” Jan-Jul ‘96

-USN NRU ONI 1666 Potes Currere Sed Te Occulere Non Potes “You can run, but you cannot hide”

-US Central Command Counter Narcotics Border Management Task Force (BMTF)


CA DOJ, Drug & Gang:

Amador ACCNET (Amador Co. Combined Narcotics Enforcement Unit)

CA DOC (Department of Corrections) Sierra Conservation Center ISU Gang Invest.

CA DOC S.A.T.F. Security Squad Investigations w/ Gangs Rocker (Subdued Green)

CA DOJ (Department of Justice) BNE (Tab) (Green / Black)

CA DOJ CAMP Peace Officer (Tab)                                                   

CA DOJ MAVMIT Agent (Mountain & Valley Marijuana Investigation Team)

CA DOJ POLICE (Back Panel) (Black Border)

CA DOJ POLICE (Tab) (Green / Black) (Black Border)

CA DOJ Range Master (Red Rectangle)

CA DOJ Special Agent (BP) (Green) (Twill)

CA Highway Patrol (Brown & Blue)

Coachella Valley Narcotics Task Force (Black w/ Detailed Yellow Scorpion)

Elk Grove Police (Subdued Gray)

GLINTF Glenn Co. Interagency Narcotics Task Force

Humboldt Co. Drug Task Force (Shoulder) (Green)

Imperial County Narcotics Task Force Est. 1973 (Half Moon Shape)

Los Angeles PD NR

Los Angeles SD Gangs Unit (Sword)

MAGEC (Multi Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium) (Anything)

Mendocino MC SC COMMET “Night Crawlers” (Worm & Marijuana Leaf)

Mountain View Police Gang Strike Force (3 Versions)                 

Mountain View / Palo Alto Regional SWAT Team (Tan)

Newark (Blue & Black w/Flag) (Gang Unit)

Newton Gangs 13 (Sm. K9 Head) (Round)

Placer Co. Task Force Agent (BP)

Placer SIU (Subdued Green)

Sacramento Co. Sheriff’s Officer Narcotics

San Diego SDGIA (Gang Investigators Association) (Reaper)

San Diego Regional Fugitive Task Force (Back Panel) (Black Border)

San Jose NCI (Skull) (Green Rectangle)

SLEDNET Warrant Entry & Tactical Team (LAPD Shaped)

SLEDNET Police Est. 1988 (CHP Shaped)

SLEDNET Combined Narcotic Enforcement Team (No Merrow)

Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency Est. 1974 (Skull & Marijuana Leaf)

Tehama TIDE (Subdued Green)