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I am looking for Custom's and Border Protection (CBP) patches and Border Patrol (BORSTAR and BORTAC) Patches.
I will trade other Feds or pay top dollar for the patches I am looking for.






Hello everyone,I'm Looking for Transportation Security Administration Patches From post 9/11 Version 2 (DHS White) and 3 (DHS Blue)  

and (intact or not) Uniform Pieces of the like. Anything will be accepted but I'm looking the white TSA embroidered 

shirt in particular. I'am also looking for Current CBP Badges/Patches for my Collection. Willing to pay any Federal
Agent/Officer top dollar for the patches. Looking for Mexican Federal law enforcement patches or uniform pieces, Anything from The Mexican Attorney General PGR (AFI, SIEDO, PFM) or the Secretariat of Public Security (Policia Federal) and I'm also looking for Japanese Police Patches, will pay top dollar or trade generously.
Please email me at



Looking for an old style US Customs Service SAC/Miami SRT patch like the one in this picture. 
I have several federal patches for trade or will purchase.

 My name is Ric and I am looking for patches from Law Enforcement agencies with a skull, grim reaper or skeleton on them. Thanks, Ric


Hi my name Bill,  


I collect hazmat patches police/fire/ems as long as its hazmat new or used. I'm also looking for older and unit patches from NJ Transit police it doesn't matter what the condition of the patch i will trade for it.  


Railroad & Transit security/police wanted. I will trade or buy new or used.

Please email me at




I am looking to buy patches or challenge coins for Dept. of Energy/NNSA sites across America.
Rocky Flats, Pantex, Sandia Labs, Los Alamos, Hanford, Oak Ridge, Savannah River,
NNSA Courier TSD, Early U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. 
Thank you for your time.


 Hello everyone.  I am searching for any patches from the United States Secret Service Counter Assault Team (CAT).  Please email me at  Everyones help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Ron  
*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Robert Eberle

I am looking for 416th SPS subdued patch.