USN USS SC Sheriff's Dept.

Approx. 4.25"

USS South Carolina (CGN-37) was the second ship of the California class of nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers in the United States Navy.

USS South Carolina and her sister ship, USS California, were equipped with two Mk-13 launchers, fore and aft, for the RIM-24 Tartar surface-to-air missiles, ASROC missiles, and Harpoon missiles. They were equipped with two 5-inch rapid-fire cannons, fore and aft. Unlike the later Virginia-class cruiser which had a unique arrangement aft of the superstructure, with a flight deck and a below-decks hangar for two LAMPS helicopters, these two cruisers had only a landing pad aft and basic refuelling equipment. There was also a full suite of anti-submarine warfare equipment. Thus, these ships were designed to face all threats, in the air, on the surface, and underwater.

South Carolina was sometimes referred to by her crewmembers as "The Socar" or "The Mighty Socar".