US Fourth Corps Disaster Relief Command
The Mission of the United States Disaster Relief Command is to establish and maintain an efficient and effective volunteer organization that stands ready to respond when and where they are needed to assist the citizens in every community no matter how small or large the disaster may be. We shall strive to provide the leadership and support to reduce the loss of life and property and protect communities from all types and sizes of hazards through comprehensive educational programs to its members and the general public on all-hazard emergency management programs of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery with emphasis on Red Cross training in the areas of health and safety, emergency care, first aid, CPR and AED. AFES (Armed Forces Emergency Services) this is an on call emergency service for the members of our armed forces. Most important are the Disaster Services training such as damage assessment, mass care, shelter operations, family services, mental health, and ERVD (emergency response vehicle driver) and recently the Red Cross has placed extreme importance on safety and security. To achieve this mission our National Academy was established in Gatlinburg, Tennessee to train a corps of professional volunteers of the United States Disaster Relief Command to Provide disaster relief assistance to National, State and local governments and individuals to assist in recovery from the impact of disasters. United States Disaster Relief Command willingly works with other emergency response agencies, Red Cross, FEMA, local emergency management and law enforcement personnel to render aid to victims of disaster or crisis situations.
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